3 ways how we support you selling UV-C

At Blue Lagoon, we realize it's not always easy to convince your (potential) customers of new technologies and the latest products. New and improved technologies emerge at a high pace. It can be difficult to stay up-to-date of the latest innovations of UV-C pool purifiers and pool supplies - let alone convince customers why they should buy them.

As manufacturer and specialist in the field of new and improved UV-C prufication products, we see it as our duty to keep you informed about the latest technologies and how to sell them. That's why we listen carefully to our customers and develop and improve services so they can focus on do what they can do best: selling Blue Lagoon and overall increase their revenues at the yearly growing UV-C market. In this article we highlight three of the services we have paid special attention to.

1) Blue Lagoon supports promotional activities

To fully prepare for your upcoming pool season and to support promotional activities, Blue Lagoon provides her customers with Marketing Packages. Customers receive files which contain our new Whitepaper and the Blue Lagoon catalogue 2016-2017UV-C marketing pack and the Pool supplies marketing pack. In the files they can find:Blue-Lagoon-catalogs.png

  • Our newly created FREE Whitepaper: The role of chlorine in a world of UV
  • Catalogue texts and pictures in order to update catalogue/website content
  • Product flyers to share with the public
  • Product sheets to understand the technology
  • The 6 benefits of UV-C purifiers for pools
  • Spare part overviews
  • Video's about the workings of UV-C purification in water and air

Read more here about our promotional activities

In some cases, when a large group of people (i.e. installers) has to be informed at once, we give inhouse seminars. Then we make sure everybody is informed in the right way and all questions are immediately answered.

2) Blue Lagoon accelerates your delivery time

As a professional in the pool industry, your challenge is to deliver products in time, all the time. Your challenge is to minimize the time between receipt of a customer order and receipt of the goods from the manufacturer or supplier. That's why at Blue Lagoon, our goal is to accelerate your delivery time and therefore your customer service. One of the top priorities is the continuous increase of our performances. One way to enable this is by constantly improving our time to market. This way you are able to:

  • Control your planning more adequately
  • Manage your stock better

Read more here about how we accelerate delivery times.

3) Private label possibilities

Your product assortment can be easily extended with your own UV-C equipment. Your own packing, your own commercial appearance and your own brand development!

Private label basic package:

  • Blank packing with your own designed product sticker
  • Neutral manual
  • Your own product labels
  • Standard lamp and spare parts

Contact me for additional Private Label possibilities.

I'm looking forward to cooperate together. Don't hesitate to contact me for more information.

The role of chlorine in a world of UV

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Posted by Gies Leenders on 9 November 2016
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