6 ways to convince your customer of UV pool sanitizers

You're a dedicated wholesaler in the pool industry. You and your team left the financial crisis behind and are ready to step things up a notch in the upcoming pool season. You're convinced UV pool sanitizers are a valuable addition to your assortment, because they prevent issues most bathers experience while visiting pools, spas and hot tubs. Like skin and eye irritations, breathing difficulties and the well-known chlorine smell. So how can you easily provide your customer with a solid advice on UV pool sanitizers? Well, you can start by presenting them the following 6 advantages of UV (Ultra-violet) Systems for pools. This way, you not only help pool manufacturers and installers to properly inform their customers, but it also saves you some time on your marketing efforts.

What are the main advantages of UV pool sanitizers that your customers should know about? And what comments should be taken in consideration?

1. UV light is effective against all micro-organisms

Due to environmental reasons as well as the intensive contact with humans a pool, spa or hot tub is being exposed to bacteria, viruses, cysts and organic pollutants every day. A fairly effective way to prevent any possible harm caused by these micro-organisms is the use of chlorine. However, there are a number of micro-organisms that are not affected by chlorine. UV pool sanitizers, on the other hand effectively eliminate for example Cryptosporidium parvum and Giardia lamblia, chlorine immune micro-organisms that can cause gastrointestinal infections and ear infections. With a wavelength range of 280 – 100 nanometres, the so-called UV-C light nips those nasty pathogens in the bud and therefore is a great protection for swimmers.

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2. UV pool sanitizers contribute to crystal clear water

Many pool owners seek for solutions to eliminate cloudy pool water. Not only does a cloudy pool look uninviting, the content of cloudy water can also form a potential threat to the health of the swimmer. There are many reasons for cloudy pool water. That's why pool owners must first examine the origin of the cloudy pool properly and make sure that next to the UV-C unit, also everything else in the filter installation is in order.

There are two very important culprits of cloudy water that can be eliminated by UV pool sanitizers: micro-organisms (such as algae) and chloramines. UV-C lamps destroy micro-organisms for 99.9% and helps to break down chloramines. Positive side-effect: the unpleasant “chlorine smell”, skin and eye irritation that are caused by chloramines also belong to the past!

These two benefits combined make sure that UV pool sanitizers help users destroy the root of many problems in pool water with beautiful, crystal clear water as a result.

3. With UV purifiers, you can reduce the use of chemicals for water treatment

We all know that chemicals (such as chlorine) kill micro-organisms in the pool quite effectively. Unfortunately, these chemicals are the cause of the most common known issues for bathers, such as eye-, skin irritations and even breathing difficulties.

UV-C purification makes sure there is more stability in pools and spas, therefore adding extra chemicals can be prevented. For example: a chlorine shock when a pool is neglected.

To ensure the water in the pool is disinfected as well as disinfectant, it is always necessary to add a secondary disinfectant like chlorine. Swimmers can finally enjoy the pool without any pesky side-effects.


4. The end user will have lower costs in chemicals, energy and maintenance

Materials in and around the pool suffer from chemicals added to the pool water. The maintenance of these materials often costs a lot of time and money, which does not contribute to the pleasure intended by buying a pool or hot tub in the first place.

Because UV-C radiation destroys most of the harmful chloramines in the water, the materials in and around the pool get affected much less. So maintenance costs will be brought down significantly.

This makes UV Systems a durable product that will therefore save the customer money in the long run.

5. There is no risk of overdosing with UV pool sanitizers

Overdosing chemicals in pools and spas can, as mentioned before, cause serious health problems and even foamy or cloudy water. UV radiation cannot be overdosed and destroys all of the micro-organisms.

The only thing is that the radiation will diminish over time. The UV-C lamp must be replaced at the end of their prescribed service life (mostly annually).

Note: It must not be assumed that just because a UV lamp lights up that it is producing enough UV at the correct intensity.

6. UV is a green, non-hazardous technology

UV light is an environmentally friendly way to sanitize pool water.

By destroying micro-organisms and reducing chloramines, many common pool water troubles belong to the past, with a pleasant swimming experience, crystal clear water and carefree maintenance as a result.

Use these benefits to convince pool manufacturers and installers of UV pool sanitizers being an excellent solution to all the common problems bathers experience. Because if these 6 advantages won't convince them, nothing will...

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Posted by Gies Leenders on 16 August 2016
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