Most wanted: top 5 UV-C purifiers for wholesalers

Every new product must be a valuable addition to your assortment and drive growth for your business. This is also the case with pool products and sanitizers. What will be the trends of the upcoming pool season? UV-C purifiers for pools are definitely a trend that cannot be ignored. In order to meet the demands of your future and existing customers, you probably wish you could take a look inside the mind of installers and pool owners, right?

That's why we provide you with a list of five Blue Lagoon UV-C purifiers of which we are sure they will be a great addition to your assortment for upcoming pool season. These UV-C purifiers have proven to be extremely beneficial for both the installer and the end user.




AOP Compact Ozone & UV-C

This revolutionary combination of ozone and UV-C makes a pool with a minimal amount of chlorine possible! With this Blue Lagoon AOP Compact Ozone & UV-C unit on your pool system you´re able to keep your pool water fresh, crystal clear and especially hygienic clean. We also have developped a device especially for salt water disinfection. Read more




Blue Lagoon Xpose UV-CBlue Lagoon Xpose UV-C

The latest innovation for domestic pools: Blue Lagoon Xpose UV-C. A new high quality UV-C TL unit in 30 and 55 watt. The purifier has a large reactor diameter for a long exposure time to the UV-C radiation. Besides that, the Xpose UV-C has a special water guidance inside the house for an optimal exposure.The Xpose UV-C has a complete PE reactor, what makes the device perfectly suitable for chlorinated and saltwater pools. Read more

VGE PRO Inox UV-C seriesVGE Pro UV series

For high volumes and professional applications we offer the new VGE Pro UV series. Each UV-C unit is equipped with a 316L Stainless Steel reactor, UV-C timer or control unit, transparent parts to monitor the UV-C light. The VGE Pro UV-C Purifiers are equipped with the unique Smart Pin Technology (SPT). This innovative system is a reliable way to integrate the UV-C lamp(s) in a safe, efficient and smart way in a reactor. Read more

Blue-Lagoon-Spa-Inox-UV-C.jpgSpa Inox UV-C

The Blue Lagoon Spa Inox UV-C is specially designed for water with hightemperatures (±40°C/±104°F), such as spas and hot tubs. Also because of its short length and compact size, the Blue Lagoon Spa Inox is ideal for filter installations where space is limited and a high disinfection efficiency is needed. The Spa Inox has a stainless steel housing. Read more


Blue Lagoon UV-C TechUV-C Tech

The UV-C tech is equipped with all the basic features a decent UV-C purifier needs, making it a valuable addition to every pool. Its compact size makes the Blue Lagoon UV-Tech suitable for any filter installation. Where space is limited but a high disinfection efficiency is needed, the UV-C Tech is the product installers are likely to advice. Read more

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Posted by Gies Leenders on 13 December 2016
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