This is why UV-C purifiers make pool installers happy

Many owners of pools and spas have already embraced Ultraviolet light as a main purifier of water. Considering the number of benefits for the end user, this is not very odd. But how exactly do they benefit you - the installer in the pool industry?

You can distinguish your business from others by providing your customer with a transparent advice on maintenance costs and a healthy swimming pool. This article will help you to fully understand the benefits of UV-C purifiers for you as well as your customers.

1. A happy customer (is a returning customer)

Exposing the water to UltraViolet (UV-C) light is the most effective sanitizing method to destroy micro-organisms in domestic pools. Because it destroys up to 99.9% of micro-organisms, a UV-C purifier is able to reduce the amount of (concentrated) chlorine by 50 to 80%. Therefore, UV-C purifiers increase the comfort of the swimmer, because they largely eliminate physical complaints that chlorine causes (such as red eyes, irritated skin and breathing problems). Using a significant lesser amount of chlorine in the pool also eliminates the infamous "chlorine smell".

Also, materials in and around the pool suffer indirect from chemicals added to the pool water, so reducing chemicals will not only lower the cost of purchasing those chemicals, but will also tremendously lower the costs of maintenance. Long story short, UV-C technology offers your customers an environmentally friendly and safe way to disinfect the pool water. If you are not quite convinced yet, read more about the 6 main advantages of UV pool sanitizers here

But the title of this blog didn't say "This is why UV-C purifiers make your customers happy", right? You still need to make a solid living out of your business, too. Let's dive into some specific advantages of UV pool sanitizers for you.

2. Easy installation in any pool

You need to install the product, which is done in the blink of an eye. But then again, it needs to be done! The customer does not need to completely renovate the pool's technical installation. The UV purifier is easily connected between the existing filter and the water line returning to the pool. It is applicable in both new and existing pools. This is very beneficial for customers that have had a pool for a longer time. You can install UV-C products for new customers as well as the ones you've assisted in the past.


3. Yearly returning revenue

It is required to periodically replace the Ultraviolet lamp and the glass. The most common advice is to replace them each year. You can therefore arrange some sort of 'retainer agreement', a maintenance contract with your existing customers, providing you returning revenue that builds up with each happy customer. That gives you an additional advantage: you are able to schedule your visits ahead.

With UV-C purifiers you are able to offer your customers a qualitatively better pool against lower costs in the long run. Your customers will appreciate a transparent advice that is beneficial for their health, the environment and their wallet. And instead of stealing from your own wallet, the so-called 'retainer agreement' will provide you a steady income and happy, returning customers who see you as their go-to person for many years to come. 

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Posted by Gies Leenders on 30 March 2016
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