Less chloramine in your pool water

Posted by Rob van Esch

Swimming in a private or public pool should be a pleasure which should not be affected by the typical swimming pool smell, red and burning eyes, irritation of skin and mucous membranes, headache and wear down of swimwear. Corrosion of metal used for the pool hall construction and in parts of the electric installation can cause safety issues. Further stress for staff and visitors may occur.

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New addition to our Medium Pressure series

We'v expanded our Medium Pressure series with the 1200-85 unit. The VGE Pro UV INOX MP 1200-85 is a robust and reliable UV system for, not only the disinfection of water in many industries but also for an excellent reduction of combined chlorine in pool water treatment applications. 


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New: Medium Pressure Lamp UV Systems

Red eyes, headache, irritated skin, chlorine like smell; they’re all common known irritations of swimming pools. We’re introducing our newest additions to our product portfolio; our medium pressure UV lamp based systems. The medium pressure UV lamps emits a wide spectrum of ultraviolet (UV) light which not only gives very good disinfection results but is also excellent for photolysis applications like the reduction of chloramine in pool applications.


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